Fluoride, the Pineal Gland and the Masses


It has recently come to my attention that fluoride is being added to our breakfast tables, lunch fixes, snacks and family dinners. How? Through fluoridated salt.

In 1987, at the encouragement of a dentist (don’t know who this dentist is) from the country’s Ministry of Health, Jamaica’s only salt producer began producing and selling fluoridated salt. The Ministry of Health and the Jamaican Parliament completed the necessary legal and regulatory framework, and the government provided biological and chemical monitoring of the salt. This decision to fluoridate our salt came after the fact that it was not feasible for them to implement water fluoridation beyond the capital city of Kingston.

Now, Jamaica is just one of several countries around the world that has implemented a mass fluoridation system to an (unsuspecting) population. And I say “unsuspecting” without reservation because it is very clear that most people, subjected to this level of control, have very little or absolutely no awareness of the actual harm and damages that this highly toxic substance is doing to their body and mind.

In terms of acute toxicity (the dosage that can cause immediate toxic consequences), fluoride is more toxic than lead, but slightly less toxic than arsenic. This is why fluoride has long been used in rodenticides and pesticides to kill pests like rats and insects. Did you know that an accidental over-ingestion of fluoridated dental products – including fluoride gels, fluoride supplements, and fluoridated water can cause serious poisoning incidents, including death?

In India, an estimated 60 million people have been poisoned by well water contaminated by excessive fluoride. These effects are particularly evident in the bone deformations of children. Additionally, a similar or larger problem is anticipated in other countries – including China, Uzbekistan and Ethiopia.

It’s simply amazing that governments around the world would go through such lengths in the name of cavity fighting, right?

A meta-analysis conducted on 27 epidemiological studies (most from China), concluded that exposure to “high levels” of fluoride in childhood was associated with a reduction in IQ. Not only that, but toxic levels of fluoride have also been associated with a weakening of bones and an increase in hip and wrist fractures. Is the health of our teeth really worth all that? I suppose I’m one who would rather take my chances without it.

Furthermore, studies over the years have shown that fluoridated salt (or water) does not show a direct effect in the decline in tooth decay, as other countries (who have never added fluoride to their water supply or salt) show the same results. According to data from the World Health Organization, there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between the minority of developed countries that choose fluoridation, and the majority that do not. A well-known toxicologist, Dr. John Doull, stated that the safety of fluoridation remains “unsettled” and “we have much less information than we should, considering how long it has been going on.”

In 2006, Doull’s committee at the National Academy of Science (in the US) published a lengthy 500-page review of fluoride’s toxicity. The report concluded that fluoride is an “endocrine disruptor” and can affect many things in the body – including the bones, the brain, the thyroid gland, the pineal gland, and even blood sugar levels. Further investigation is therefore called upon by the NAS to evaluate if there is a correlation between fluoride exposures and chronic health problems such as bone disorders, thyroid disease, low intelligence, dementia, and diabetes – particularly in people who are most vulnerable to fluoride’s effects.

There is indiscernible proof that fluoride not only affects your body but your mind. That’s not a ‘possibly’ or a’ maybe’ – it’s a fact. All you have to do is open your eyes and do a little investigating of your own; the information is already out there for you. The reason I got started looking into fluoride was because of my discovery of the pineal gland and what it’s capable of – what all of us are capable of.

The pineal gland looks like a pinecone, and was once said to serve no purpose to us, yet it so happens to exist as a giant statue in the courtyard of the Vatican; as well as on the pope’s rod; it’s a symbol also found in freemasonry; and in various paintings and statues of gods in different cultures and religions around the world. Curiously, the pineal gland is the sacred pine cone in man – the third eye.

So, let’s get down and dirty a little bit. The pineal gland is also known as the “seat of the soul”.  It actually affects your sleep/wake cycle, dreams, emotions, behaviour, intuition, memory, learning, and even your body temperature. Located in the middle of your brain, tucked in between the two hemispheres, the pineal gland is associated with discerning truth from illusion, spiritual growth and evolution, trusting intuition, intelligence, among others. Of course, scientists have only recently acknowledged its functionality – although they leave its purpose to the mere basic production of hormones.

It does, however, seem slightly strange that such an ‘innocuous’ organ seems to have quite a huge influence in cultures and religions around the globe for so many centuries. So here’s a list of interesting facts about the pineal gland:

  • The pineal gland is small, about the size of a pea.
  • The pineal gland becomes calcified around puberty.
  • The pineal gland produces serotonin, which is considered the “happy hormone”.
  • The pineal gland produces melatonin which is considered the “hormone of darkness” because it’s released in the dark, during sleep – and regulates daily body rhythms, most notably the day/night cycle (circadian rhythms).
  • During meditation, the pineal gland and pituitary glands have been shown to vibrate in unison.
  • The pineal gland produces DMT (dimethyltryptamine) which is known for otherworldly spiritual experiences.
  • The pineal gland has the second highest blood flow in the body next to the kidneys.
  • On the back of the US one-dollar bill is an image of a “third eye”. Hmmm
  • The pineal gland is outside of the blood-brain-barrier which technically makes it not in the brain.
  • The pineal gland has a lens, cornea, and retina like your physical eyes.
  • The pineal gland is light sensitive so it is stimulated by light.
  • ELF waves (extremely low frequency) adversely affects the pineal gland – unplugging all electronic devices (ELF devices) while you are asleep will help increase dream recall, lucidity and astral projection
  • Herbs like mugwort, wood betony, alfalfa, parsley, and gotu kola are great for the pineal gland.
  • Alkaline and distilled water help decalcify the pineal gland.

Additionally, unlike our regular eyes, the pineal gland has the ability to see both physically and intuitively. The metaphysical properties of the third eye are most noticeable when we are asleep. Try remembering almost falling asleep and then starting to see your surroundings with a 360-degree. Yup, this is your third eye being activated by your pineal gland. It is the all-seeing eye. This is why when you close your eyes and imagine hard enough, you can sometimes see what you are imagining in your mind’s eye.

Now, besides being beneficial for our physical health, this mysterious organ is also important for our spiritual health since it is the gland that anchors our soul to our body. This allows our soul and body to bond and communicate.

I know, at this point you’re probably wondering what fluoride has to do with any of this. Well, fluoride is proven to calcify the pineal gland by disrupting its natural functions and hardening its interior walls. Most of the fluoride in the body accumulates in the pineal gland, which is one of its reasons for calcification.

With a decalcified pineal gland, we are more connected to our soul; our higher senses are more active – allowing us to feel more connected to others, the universe and creation; our higher senses also make it harder for people to manipulate us. For these reasons, finding truth and inner peace becomes way easier.

A world where everyone is able to find their true potential, feel more connected to each other and the universe, and have a clearer sense of peace and happiness?  Why? When everyday billions of dollars continue to keep the (few) comfy, comfy – and the majority of the population under control? How better to do that, but through supplies that can easily penetrate our homes and everyday lives – water and salt. Is all of this really in the name of cavity fighting? Come on! Remember decades and centuries ago when ‘civilised Christian’ men would go to faraway lands in the name of Christianity to convert the ‘savages’ and help them on a new path, but what they really did was pillage, take lands that didn’t belong to them, kill, rape and enslave. Well, a similar thing has been happening for many years – however, it’s not Christianity and the word of God that’s being spread this time, it’s the fighting of cavities. Unfortunately, people who have more power tend to take advantage of those who are weaker, usually under a guise – and to keep a person weak and powerless is to take away the knowledge of their actualised potential and true individual powers.