These stories are rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.


Over and over I can feel your fingers
Tantalizing my senses and making my skin tingle.
Over and over I can feel you filling me with your crazy and wanton desires.
All that is needed is for me to close my eyes
And my nipples would perk at the mere thought of the roughness of your tongue.
Only your rampant cravings can satisfy me – over and over and over
Build me up and make me pulse for you.
Whet my skin and make me purr for you.
You know exactly where to touch to drive me up the wall clawing and screaming your name.
Over and over I will die for you in orgasmic spasms created only in our dark, torrid lust for each other.
Hours after we fuck and I stay still – real still – I can feel my body humming with tiny electric aftershocks
I’ve sold my soul to you… beneath the sheet, against the wall, on the floor and well anywhere else that held our assaults.
Over and over I can feel you inside me… breaking down my walls… opening me up… over and over and over.



Call me a nympho and that’ll turn me on.
The need I feel breeds guilt, which turns me on.
Fucking push me against the wall and grab my throat and that’s an instant turn on.
Pleasures of the mind cannot contest to the real.
Before the after is done certain seconds must be healed.
It’s a gratification that has swept beyond the knowledge of time.
Natural instinct making way for the intimate mind.
Time tells a great tale of illicit wishes and wants,
Putting away the common for minutes, maybe hours of…
The mentality of the weathered can’t sing praises such as this.
Sad, binding moments don’t tell much about the after-kiss.





I stole another glance at him and licked my lips. He was sitting right across from me and i couldn’t do anything about it, this was horrid. It felt as if all eyes were on me – so guilty – i’m the best friend… the maid of honor… I can’t do this… Ok, the hell i can’t!

I held his gaze, the one that connected after my thousandth glance, a secret smile curved my lips and I expressed my intentions with the raise of an eyebrow. I then nodded towards the bathroom and his eyes followed, then he smiled, got up and headed to the bathroom. Tick, tick, tick… five minutes – my turn.

I excused myself quite politely and headed in his direction. I slipped into the coed bathroom and found him there smoking a cigarette. Damn, he looked so frickin’ hot my hands were itching to sink its nails into his deliciously smooth skin. 

I sashayed my hips as I glided my body over to him – it was yearning to connect. Without taking his eyes off me he tossed the cigarette and grounded it with his boot. Then he grabbed my wrists and pushed me inside one of the stalls. A sensual smile spread over his handsome face and his eyes deepened with desire – I was on fire! Pinning my hands above my head, he hiked up my dress and in one swift movement his pants were down and he was buried inside me. Ahhh sheer bliss… His gliding shaft brought my body to the heights of passion. 

His lips captured mine and his tongue snaked in – such firm delicious lips making me all hot and shit! His hands groped my breasts and his tongue slid down my neck to find and play with my stiff nipples, which perked underneath the thin silk material, while he pumped into my core. I wanted to bury my fingers in his hair but my hands were still bound by one of his. 

I tried, I really did, to hold back the moans that were at the back of my throat but dammit it was too much! My mind was going crazy – just a little bit deeper… Mmmmm… I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip. He released my hands and spun me around and then, bending me forward, he entered my core from behind. I bit my lip harder, ignoring the pain and trying desperately to keep from screaming. He was banging against my ass harder and harder. I felt addicted!

His hand was soon in my hair tugging my head back to meet his desperate lips. Our tongues danced and tangled, and our minds were completely blocked from everything except the utter pleasure that each was feeling. Then, I felt it – maybe all too soon – this tremor travelling from my toes up, up, ohhhhh….. we expelled together…

I straightened and turned to looked at him. We coded a secret smile and parted. Me, beside my best friend – the bride. And him, the groom – sitting sweetly beside his new wife.



Woman s Hand Squeezing Bed Sheet
His voice was rough with emotion. “I’m sorry I can be a major asshole sometimes. One of my many wonderful qualities.”

It was the soft note of self loathing that Sam heard in his voice that made her stop struggling. Sighing, she relaxed her body into his.

After a few minutes of them standing there in each others’ arms, Xavier felt his need stir and was immediately pressing against Sam’s stomach. As soon as she felt it she jerked out of his embrace.

Xavier looked down at her flushed cheeks and smiled lazily. “There are some things a man can’t control.”

Sam looked up at his rugged face and saw something that she hadn’t noticed before. And before she could stop herself, she placed her hands over his dimples.

“You have dimples,” she breathed against his face.

Giving up on control, Xavier let out a groan and covered Sam’s lips with his as he pulled her against him. There is just so much a man could take.

He felt his soul almost slip into her as he surrendered his entire being into the kiss. She tasted like his haven, and he demanded everything from her. Giving herself eagerly, Sam pressed her breasts against him.

He lifted his lips from hers for a brief second and Sam protested the loss of contact. Misinterpreting her plea, Xavier pulled away and sucked in a lungful of air.

“I’m sorry…” he apologized again turning away from her. “You should go home.”

Stunned, Sam stared at his powerful shoulders and taunt ass.

She wanted him so bad she could taste it.

“What if I don’t want to go home?”

Dammit, Sam, now isn’t the best time to play games with me,” he growled turning to face her.

Walking up to him Sam wound her arms around his neck and whispered innocently, “Who said I was playing games?”

Before she had a second to truly consider what she was getting herself into, Xavier was lifting her lifting her into his arms and they were heading for his bedroom.



Dropping her gently on the bed, Xavier planted another searing kiss on her lips before pulling away.

Sam laid there breathless and suddenly tentative as he removed her clothes with deliberate slowness. She watched him closely as he unbuttoned the front of her blouse to expose her bare breasts. Then, he unzipped her shorts and pulled them off, tossing them to the side. He then stood up and without taking his eyes from hers, he tugged off his shirt and then his jeans, giving Sam a complete view of his male state sans underwear.

Of course he doesn’t wear underwear!

Climbing onto the bed, he crept towards her like a tiger stalking his prey, with his eyes clouded with passion and his lips still swollen from her kisses. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and Sam cried out – enraptured – clinging to Xavier with both hands as he feasted on her.

Using one arm to brace himself, Xavier attended to the first nipple thoroughly as his other hand pinched and teased the other, preparing it for his sensuous assault.

Sam writhed in pleasure as he drank from her and whimpered in need when he left her breasts and travelled down her body, beyond her navel, planting delectable kisses as he went.

His tongue settled over her clit as he breathed fire through her underwear and sent shivers through her body. Shifting the crotch of her panties to the side, his tongue found her bare flesh and Sam clutched the bed as she fully surrendered her body to his mouth.

She somehow lost track of time because the next thing she noticed as she writhed under his mouth was her panties lying strewn in the corner of the room.

Unable to take anymore Sam felt her body begin to climax as she arched upwards, wanting Xavier inside of her.

Sensing her need and following his, Xavier rose and planted a searing kiss on her lips. But Sam wanted more, so she reached out and closed her hand tightly around his thick, pulsing erection.

That was the last thread of control. With a hoarse groan, Xavier pushed her legs apart with one knee and slid his cock inside her with a smooth stroke.

Sam was blissfully lost.

Murmuring in his native tongue, Xavier began to move in and out of her. Their gazes met and locked, mirroring the connection of their bodies. A soft sound flowed from Sam’s throat as she and Xavier found a rhythm as old as time.

He conquered her relentlessly. And she loved it.

Xave…” Sam whispered pleadingly. “Xave-”

“Soon,” he vowed, understanding her plea. “Just keep rising to meet me – like that – oh God, Sam…” His voice broke off in a ragged groan.

A sensational release washed over her as she arched her body further into his, wanting all of him. He guided her patiently through her orgasm, and then he delved deep inside her to find his own surrender.

They laid in silence as minutes ticked by.

Nothing would ever be the same again.

It was the second thing Xavier realized when the initial trickles of reality penetrated his scorched mind. The first was that while his mental faculties might not be in proper working order, his body was telling him that he was going to be a hungry man soon.

As if knowing his thoughts, Sam opened her eyes to find Xavier watching her. For a brief eternity, they simply stared at each other with a million thoughts racing through their heads.

And then he asked, “Am I too heavy?”

Shaking her head, she smiled, “No you’re fine.”

Xavier raised an eyebrow quizzically. “Fine?”

The arrogant lift of his brow had a smile tugging at her lips. “You are wonderful, incredible, fantastic!”

The smile became a surprised gasp as she felt him harden against her skin.


Mmn hmmn.”


“Oh yeah,” he kissed her deeply.

And that was it. That was when she knew she was definitely lost.



Standing in front of me, he smiled and pulled off his shirt. He’d asked me to come to him tonight and I did. How I could resist? I’d been watching him all semester  – mentally stalking him actually.
From the first time I saw him sitting across from me, I began envisioning him doing things to me that made my pussy ache with a need that scared me. It also made all rational thoughts escape, which was why i’d agreed to meet him in his room for a fuck-all section.

Pulling me roughly to his chest, he began kissing me. His tongue snaked into my mouth and started taunting mine until I felt as if my legs were about to buckle under me. Pulling away, he tore off my blouse, cupped one of my breasts and brought it into his mouth – sucking at the peeping bud of my aroused nipple. Soon his attention was transfixed on my other breast, which was eagerly awaiting his assault.

Lifting me onto a nearby desk, he returned to my lips and took away any remaining uncertainty I had about this night. I mean, we’re both adults here and he feels so fucking good.

With my legs dangling wildly at his hips, he began to kiss a trail down my neck as he fingered my clit through my panties, which was creamy and wet from excitement. He then stepped back and dragged off my underwear before setting his thick pulsing cock free. With one hard thrust, he plunged into my opening, deep, and started pumping up into me with fierce determination.

I gripped his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist, wanting more – no needing more!

His thrusts increased and a strong hand grasped my buttocks while a finger worked its way into my asshole. I let out a surprised gasp at the unexpected invasion and before I could think, an orgasm tore through my body and I screamed at the intense release. Or, at least in my head I did, because as soon as I opened my mouth, his tongue shot inside and took control. Damn it felt good. But he wasn’t finished with me yet. Lifting me from the desk, he turned and pinned me to a wall. Not once seizing his assault on my ass, my pussy or my mouth.

He began to slide slowly in and out of me – each time going in deeper than the last, and I clung to him for support and sanity. This continued until I felt as if I was either going to faint or explode and our tongues, aligned with the rhythm of our bodies, fought an almost obsessive battle as we sought to fulfill each other. Subsequently, he let out a hoarse growl and shook gently as a powerful release washed over him and in milliseconds I found my second climatic decadence.

A mini-forever later we were still standing there – limp and drained. I looked down at him and smiled. “I hope I’m not too heavy.”

“Nope,” he replied simply as his dick began to twitch.

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