Do you know why I cry,
Why I stare at the moon and howl?
Are you aware of the pain that stains,
Or is it just too soon?

I want to escape,
Escape from the real.
And bestow gifts and kisses on your grave
While I prepare my last meal.
I’m staring right at you with my heart in hand.
Clutching the aftereffects of our love-whirl
That’s now driving me mad.

Love child of the after
Embrace my longed need.
Do not leave my side and allow me to feed.
My wishes may see faults,
But it’s only for our time.
Let’s continue while you look off
And I painlessly die.



Is Death stalking you?
Breathing down your neck and making your hair stand up?
Is he perched in your happy places, waiting – daring you to become comfortable?

Death waits in the shadows,
And sighs quietly when you miss that step that could bring you to him.
He smiles when you touch the blade to your wrist,
And holds his breath in anticipation when you fill your palm with pills.

But, before the smell of death,
Should we bask in the precious illusions that life offers,
And the sinful wants that provide a temporary relief?
Or, should we just delve into the enticing mist of the afterlife?



Sweet Death, no one can truly understand you.
They fear, stare – and try to figure out your contours.
But, these Beings do not know how to expand their mind.
It is forever in the shadows that you seek,
Behind your many masks that you speak,
And on those untouched floorboards that you creak.
Tempting the unbidden and allowing difference for the needy.

I have tasted you on the tip of my tongue, and i became an addict.
You have breathed through my pores, rested behind my corneas,
And settled in the pit of my stomach when we needed time alone.
Then, you would disappear from my reaches to satiate your unended dry thirst.
You have never given me too much…. or enough,
Just that particular amount to quench my appetite until fate states that our courtship must end.



He lingers still between the shadows,
Averse to any attacks of will.
He waits so patiently to take your being,
Sit back, relax and stay still.

Some may feel a pull – while others remain cloaked.
How often have you felt that buzz that lingers on your walls?
Cry tears of loss and you’ll see what hope has done.
Just let go, and try to breathe that sigh that never seems to come.


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