Suzuki Celerio: Ride in assured comfort


If you’re looking for a car that suits your values and brings a little more enjoyment to your days, then the new Suzuki Swift is that car.

The Swift brings a contemporary flair to everyday driving, with a look that exudes elegance and power. Suzuki took the world’s sportiest cars and revamped them from the tyre up to give you, the Swift, with high-level performance and a light environmental footprint.

Powered by a K14B 1.4-litre engine, the Swift has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, brisk performance, low fuel consumption, and low emission. So while you’re driving, you’ll be doing the environment justice as well! The new Swift has an aggressive body design and an upgraded cockpit, which gives you sporty driving made easy, and a level of comfort that is unrivaled for a compact car. There’s a keyless push-start system, fog lights, a digital screen on the dash, adjustable front seats and split-folding rear seats that let you expand the luggage space in various ways.

Its equipped safety features inspire confidence and peace of mind, with a protective cabin and airbags, as well as other structures that help to cushion impact forces. With a starting price of $2.4M (JMD) – sportier performance in a small car has arrived in a big way.

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